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How Asparagus Grows

Asparagus plants thrive very well in sandy soil with its high salt concentration. It is planted in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. The asparagus plant is usually grown from one year old plants which are called crowns.

To grow asparagus, first create the bed by removing weeds and adding manure and compost. Ensure that this bed has a good drainage. After this, dig trenches, about twelve to six inches deep, and plant the crowns, spreading the roots over the ridge, with a distance of about fifteen inches between the crowns. You should then cover the roots and crowns with soil, two inches deep and thoroughly water.

Fill in the rest of the trench with soil as the stems grow leaving about three or four inches of the stem exposed. Add four to eight inches of mulch every time the trench gets filled and be sure to water regularly. By late fall, check for dead foliage, cut them down and side-dress with compost. Also remember to keep the bed thickly mulched in the second year and do the side dress in spring and early fall.

Water your asparagus regularly until it grows to the desired height. Usually, asparagus seeds take up to three years to grow enough for harvesting so you will need to be patient but it is worth the wait since it can be productive for up to twenty years. When you do harvest, after you have done so, allow the ferns to grow in order to replenish nutrients for the production of spears in the following year.